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Returning Home

Three months away -- I love benchmarking who you are and how you change

Though I travel full time and have no real "home" in the classical sense, I like to come back to the United States between excursions. It provides a good reset and helps me avoid burning out (and allows me to stock up on hair products that I have yet to be able to find while traveling. Looking at you dry shampoo).

As I've gained confidence as a traveler, I've gone on longer and longer stretches. This last one being three and a half months; December 2021 - March 2022.

I've mentioned before how one of my favorite surprise benefits of travel is the enhanced ability to more vividly see changes in yourself. When your environment changes every month, you get a benchmark of who you were when you arrived that can be compared to the person you are when you leave.

You realize that all those experiences in that time bucket were a direct result of you having made the choice to go that particular location, talk to those particular people, and do those particular things.

It's humbling, sad, thrilling, and nostalgic. All in one. And each location carries a lifetime of memories.

Here are some standouts from the last 3 months of travel.

Amazing much the highlights involve others. Traveling solo is never really solo at all.



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