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The Men You Will Meet While Traveling

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

They come in all shapes and personalities. Romantic and non. The common theme is the color they add to your experience.


The DJ

Aspiring, successful, hobbiest, playing at the local rooftop; You will 100% meet at least one.

The New Yorker

It's a seriously high percentage of men you will meet. Ironically those who wear a Yankees hat while traveling are likely not New Yorkers.

The Latino

This will increase with time in Latin America, but these men are inescapable, very forward and passionate.

The One with a Girlfriend/Wife Back Home

My rule of thumb is to assume all flirtatious men on vacation have someone back home

The One 10 Years Younger Than You

We're clearly on a similar level if we met in the same foreign country. I'm actually amazed they discovered it a decade before I did. But they are immediately friend-zoned.

The Overly Friendly Local with Prepackaged Pickup Lines

They tend to work in coffee shops/retail stores/bartenders. Don't think their charm is because you are that special. It is habitual and impressively practiced.

The Lifelong Friend

These are precious. And provide a sense of safety while on the road.

The One that Interrupts Your Meditation on the Beach to Talk About How He Likes to Meditate

lol ah me.

The Surfer/Surf Instructor

Easy to spot. Tan, tousled hair, nice shoulders and the first words out of their mouth are "do you surf?"

The One who Professes His Love in 24 Hours

Obviously a red flag. Enjoy, then run.

The Californian

If they aren't from New York, they are probably from California

The Canadian

90% will be from Toronto

The Politician

Either serious or wistful plans to be mayor or president of their town/country one day.

The One You Have a Bizarre Number of Friends Already in Common With

The follow-on-Instagram-and-see-who-we-have-in-common game is one of my favorites to play

The One Who Knows Where the Party is

Indispensable. But expect nothing deeper from them.

The One You Exchange Book Recommendations With

God bless these mind expanding angels

The One you Do Yoga With

There's a correlation between travel and yoga. They will ensure you make that 7am yoga class.

The Foodie

Steal their recommendations. Though it's better if you can meet a local chef. They'll give you even better recommendations.

The Soulmate

Can be a short or long experience - they will teach you something of yourself.

The One that Feels Like Home

A gift on the road.

The Adventurer

To date, my favorite pick up line has been "What are you doing later today? Want to go on an adventure?"

The Philosopher

Depends on your taste, but I love these. Let's talk in theory all night. I'm so here for it.

The Stunning Man

Sometimes men have no idea of their beauty

The Coach

Everything will be positive. And analyzed. Which I like, but can tend to get tiring. I like a bit of negative too.

The Photographer

Immensely helpful when you are traveling alone. 50/50 on whether they are hitting on you or just being friendly by offering to randomly take your photo in that bikini. Excellent pickup line if is the former.

The One from Bumble/Hinge/Tinder

You have to try it at least once to say you did it. Bonus points if they are local and not from the US or Canada.

The Elder Gentleman

Some of my favorite evenings have been hanging out with those over 60. Such wisdom...while getting drunk over cheap beers.


*Will update regularly*

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