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Well This is Awkward

It's a new year, and I'm back to work after the holiday....but people are struggling back home

Me: "How was your holiday?"

Coworkers: "Horrible...Christmas was cancelled and I caught COVID from my nephew. In fact I have it now. I'll take a nap after this call."

Repeat for all calls this first week back in the office. Somehow, everyone in the US seems to have COVID.

It's Awkward

Because I am happy. And grateful. Especially after this New Years where I was with new and old friends completely aligned to my wavelength. It was a beautiful and fulfilling experience. One of the best New Years I have ever had.

Outside of mental health, I am also one of the few people in my office that has not tested positive for COVID. I test almost monthly, am vaccinated, and will get my booster the next time I am back in the States.

Knock on wood, I have not caught it while traveling.

But it is a bizarre position when I join these conference calls with people who are truly struggling. Who have been at home for months, have had their holidays disrupted, and are now sick.

It doesn't sound fair that I get to do this very different thing in beautiful locations and be happy while they are struggling.

I know it is not my responsibility to worry about others in this way; anything outside of my life is 100% out of my control. And I am not sorry for identifying an opportunity for myself and taking it -- it is one of my strengths, and honestly a big reason why I am good at my job.

But it doesn't change the fact that I feel awkward on the calls. Being this happy while in the middle of another round of the pandemic (can you even say in the 'middle' anymore?).

No real conclusion to this one, just a statement of where I am at right now.

Truly wishing an excellent 2022 for everyone.

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